Battlefield Mobile gameplay leaked [VIDEO]

Shortly after Battlefield Mobile suddenly appeared in the Google Store, an alpha test of the shooter video game commenced. Alsmost immediately, a lot of gameplay leaks appeared on the Internet, which was not entirely legal to disclose.


The videos were published on Twitter account of Battlefield Mobile Leaks & News. A total of four videos were posted, each about two minutes in length. In total, right now you can estimate about eight minutes of shooter gameplay - albeit in low quality. The video shows that the game really looks like its older versions. In it, you can not only shoot, but also use equipment, including its combat types. See videos below:

Right now, you can notice technical irregularities in the gameplay: flickering textures and objects, animation errors and transport physics calculations. On the other hand, there is destruction in the shooter right now - shots from tank guns knock solid pieces of concrete out of the walls. As a reminder, there is no official release date for Battlefield Mobile yet. This testing is in early Alpha.


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