Best Battlefield 2042 LCMG Attachments & Loadout

The LCMG is one other underrated weapon in Battlefield 2042 and also you should not ignore it. Considering the issues with bloom within the game, the extra bullets you have got increases the likelihood of hitting the opponent. And just so you know, with the fitting attachments, the LCMG could be loaded up with 400 rounds.

This attachment information requires a little bit of grinding- as many of the greatest attachments are unlocked a bit afterward.

Best LCMG Attachments In Battlefield 2042

The LCMG is a superb weapon: it has loads of versatility with an enormous journal that may be supplemented with an underbarrel shotgun for close-range encounters. It has low recoil, loads of harm, and stays secure even at medium to long-range. Once you’ve got turned to the LMGs, it is fairly arduous to return to common assault rifles.

  • Sight - This is private choice, however we have discovered success with the TV 2x and the Fusion Holo. You do not want a sight with way more vary than that.

  • Ammo - You’ve bought two choices right here - Close Combat ammo or Extended Magazine. Switch between the 2 whilst you play to adapt to your scenario in addition to reload/restock your weapon.

  • Barrel - Again, two choices relying in your scenario - Extended or Short Barrel. The Short Barrel is loads of enjoyable should you pair it up with the Close Combat ammo. You’re principally carrying an enormous SMG.

  • Underbarrel - We’ve had enjoyable with the underbarrel shotgun (it truly appears a bit overpowered, reloads too quick, a number of bullets, and so forth) however you should utilize the Light Grip as effectively for stability management whereas working and gunning.

The LCMG has two major usecases: a close-range SMG or a medium-long range ‘beam machine’ that you should utilize on the move. Basically, it’s an assault rifle with a huge number of ammo.