COD Mobile Leak: All Season 8 New Weapons, Operator Skill, Scorestreaks, and more

After adding new weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 update, there seem to be lots more new items coming in Season 8 as seen in the test server. New weapons, scorestreak, operator skill and huge improvement to the overall game graphics. Here’s a breakdown of what’s coming in Season 8-

New Weapons in CODM Season 8

1. M13 - Assault Rifle

2. R90 - Shotgun


1. Lightning Strike

Operator Skill

1. TAK 5

This operator skill, like adrenaline in Battle Royale, increases you and your teammates HP by +50. It also saves you from burns and other effects.


1. Iron Lungs


1. Rally Car

Class (Battle Royale)

1. Grasshoper

Other improvements/ Additions

  1. New Rank Tier - Grand Master
  2. Improved graphics quality in both Multiplayer and Battle Royale

Credits: AnonymousYT

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