Download and play PUBG for free during this F2P event

PUBG is about to go ‘free to play’ (F2P) for a limited time and it’s the best opportunity for new players to try their hands on this popular title.

Although it seems as if PUBG is doing this to try and win back old players who left the game due to so many flaws the game had (and still do)- like the devs doing very little about getting hackers off the game, for example. It’s also a great move to get new players who couldn’t afford the game to bring old player friends back.

Some gamers believe that PUBG is using this event to gauge player response, because they’ve been ‘trying’ to go F2P for a while now. Well, we’ll soon find out.


Hey @noob on what platform exactly is this going to be on?

they didn’t exactly specify on what platform(s) this event would be on, but I don’t think it will be just one. That would be a totally unfair thing to do. I think it’d be both PC and Console.