How to fix 'client version too old' in Apex Legends Mobile

If you keep seeing ‘client version too old’ error when you launch Apex Legends Mobile, it means you either downloaded the game from unofficial source or you’re running an old version. To get rid of the error message and regain access to the closed-beta testing, try some of the steps below:

  1. Delete the game entirely and redownload from Google Play Store. Once download completes successfully, try running the game now. But if this doesn’t work, try the next step below.

  2. If you previously downloaded from Google Play Store, check for game updates in Play Store and ensure you’re running the latest version. If you’re not, that’s probably why you’re seeing the ‘client version too old error’. Hit the update button and wait for the process to complete.

Also, Apex Legends Mobile closed-beta is currently only available to players in India and Philippine, and can only be downloaded on a few select Android smartphones. So, if you do not reside in either of these countries your access the game on Play Store will be restricted. In other words, you cannot download/update the game from Google Play Store. To rectify this:

  • use any VPN and connect to India or Philippine so you can access the game on Play Store

  • make sure your device is actually supported

Google Play Store link -

During the beta test period, expect frequent/incremental updates. This is necessary to ensure that detected bugs are fixed and an update pushed for further testing. So if you stay on older version, you’d be denied access to the game.