How To Get Metang In Pokemon GO

If you are lucky enough to catch a Beldum in Pokemon GO, you might need to contemplate evolving it into Metang to provide it some extra firepower.

Beldum is not too spectacular of a Pokemon without evolving regardless of its distinctive Steel/Psychic-typing. It does not be taught some other transfer except for Take Down, a Normal-type transfer with recoil injury. This is similar in Pokemon GO, the place Beldum cannot be taught any Steel or Psychic-type strikes. However, evolving it into Metang will make it extra helpful in Pokemon GO’s Raids or Gym Battles.

Fans of the collection will know straight away that Metang can evolve into the pseudo-legendary Metagross. If gamers need to get a Metagross, they’re going to have to learn the way to get Metang first. The evolution course of could also be tiring, however it may be effectively definitely worth the funding.

How to Get Beldum

As of now, Metang just isn’t a Pokemon that may be caught within the wild in Pokemon GO. The solely method to get Metang is by evolving a Beldum. Fortunately, there are a number of alternative ways to get Beldum in GO:

  • Beldum will be discovered within the Wild.
  • Players may also attempt to get Beldum from Tier 1 Raid Battles. Fight and defeat Beldum to have an opportunity at catching it.
  • Beldum will also be obtained via Eggs.
  • Some Field Research Tasks have Beldum as a reward.

Beldum was a reward for finishing one of many Egg Research-related duties for December Field Research Tasks 2021. Hatching one egg would reward the participant with Mantine, and hatching two eggs would reward gamers with a Beldum.

A Beldum Egg is assessed as a 10km Egg. Keep the Egg in an Incubator and have the app open when strolling the required distance. One factor gamers ought to bear in mind about Eggs is that they are randomized, which means it isn’t assured a Beldum will hatch from a 10km Egg.

About Evolving Beldum into Metang

To evolve Pokemon in Pokemon GO, gamers give them Candy as an alternative of leveling them up via battle. To evolve Beldum into Metang, Beldum must eat 25 Beldum Candy. Catching Beldum within the Wild offers 3 Beldum Candy. However, hatching Beldum, who’s a part of the 10km Egg Group, may give round 16 to 32 Candies.

If gamers select to not hatch 10km Eggs, then they might want to catch a number of Beldum to get the required quantity of Candy for Metang.

Those who partake in Raid Battles will discover that Raid Bosses will drop 3 Rare Candies. These perform in a different way from Pokemon Candy and can be utilized on any species of Pokemon. Once gamers have 25 Candy, they’ll evolve Beldum into Metang by viewing “Pokemon” within the “Main Menu” characteristic.