How to Get/Use Discal Tomestones in FFXIV Endwalker

Endwalker is Final Fantasy XIV’s most recent extension, and it comes with tons of recent content material for gamers to sink a whole lot of hours into. The new MSQ will take a substantial period of time, and after that you simply’ll spend much more time on the post-game actions and raids. In this guide, we explain the easiest methods to get and use Discal Tomestones in FFXIV Endwalker.

First, Discal Tomestones are end-game materials. This implies that you must have accomplished the Endwalker MSQ and have your character at level 90 with the combat class. The Tomestones also be obtained via the Pandaemonium raids, just so you know.

Getting Discal Tomestones in FFXIV Endwalker

To receive a Discal Tomestone, you’ll have to submit seven Unsung Blades of Asphedelos, that can be earned on completion of Asphedelos: The Fourth Circle. This is the fourth raid within the first set of Pandaemonium raids, launched recently.

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You’ll unlock the Fourth Circle after finishing the primary three raids, and you will get one Unsung Blade of Asphedelos every week, which implies that it will take a total of seven weeks before you are able to trade them for one Tomestone. You’ll be capable of achieve extra Unsung Blades hopefully earlier, as extra updates get launched and the raids turn out to be simpler to clear.

Once you’ve got sufficient Unsung Blades, head to Radz-at-Han and converse with Djole at X:10, Y:9.5. There you’ll be able to flip your Blades for one Discal Tomestone.

How to Use Discal Tomestones

Discal Tomestones are used to acquire much more highly effective weapons for every particular person class in FFXIV. Once you’ve got one Tomestone, you may converse to Djole once more to trade it for a weapon within the class you wish.

As explained above, to uprade or level up other classes, you’ll have to work to get the Unsung Blades to swap for Tomestone, and repeat the process as many times as needed.