How to join Noob Gaming PUBGM Duo Tournament

To join this tournament organized by Noob Gaming Community @admins, you need to fulfill all of these requirements. Well, just three (3) requirements actually :man_shrugging:. And they’re pretty easy; can be completed in a short time- depending on how interested you are to join the tournament. By the way, you’ve got to be signed up/in (on this forum) to proceed with below steps :upside_down_face:

Requirements :scroll:

  1. Must have referred at least 2 (two) users/members to this forum

  2. Join the @advocate :family_man_girl_boy: group

  3. Complete the tournament registration form – Click Here

How to invite/refer new members :busts_in_silhouette:

  1. Once logged in, click on your profile photo at the top right corner of your screen

  2. Now click on the user icon :bust_in_silhouette:

  3. After that, click on Summary

  4. Once on your profile Summary page, click Invites

  5. From the Invites page, click +Invite to generate an invite link

:warning: Important Note: the invite link is generated automatically. You only need to copy and paste the link or send to anyone you wish to invite. By default, the link expires after one new user signs up- and you don’t want that happening since you need to invite at least two (2) users to qualify for the tournament. So, pay attention to the following steps

  1. Before the Save Invite button, there’s an option labeled Max uses. The default value is 1. Increase that value to 2 or higher (depending on how many users you wish to invite.
  2. After that, click Save Invite. Remember to copy the invite link first.

Now you can freely share your invite link anywhere you desire. To see the total number of users/members who have responded to your invite, while on the Invites page, click Redeemed.

Rules :white_check_mark:

  1. Don’t try to be Mr/Ms smarty pants :unamused:, by using different usernames/email to sign up. Your entry will be removed :no_entry: if found guilty. We check everything, and thoroughly. :eyes:

  2. After completing your two (2) invites successfully, proceed to register for the Duo Tournament using the form linked in the requirements section.

  3. No cheating/hacking. Attracts instant disqualification

  4. Sharing the custom room code outside of this community disqualifies you

  5. If the winning team is guilty of cheating, the second runner-up automatically becomes the winner.

  6. Just do you, so we’ll all have fun :partying_face:

Reward for the winner(s) :crown:

  1. The winning team gets ₦10,000 :nigeria: reward

  2. Player with highest number of kill :gun: gets ₦2,500 :nigeria:

  3. Winner(s) gets a Custom Title in Noob Gaming community (shown next to your name)

Feel free to ask as many questions as you may have, we’ll respond to all.

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