How to make Solo ranking more fun, less boring

Playing with random teammates is sometimes fun, but when you’re trying to rank up- not so much fun. However, when you have an organised team that communicates and cooperates adequately, everything works better. But these guys may not always be available the same time you’re online to play your ranked matches together, and that brings us to the topic- making solo ranking more fun.

Set targets

Don’t focus primarily on ranking, (that’s the goal, I know), but set other targets and goals you’d like to achieve in each match. Like, specific number of kills you will want to get in each match (higher than your usual kills per match); total damage; or try to beat the hughest kill count of one of your regular teammates. You can think of even better targets or challenges to add here.

Complete Battle Pass Missions

Before joining each match, check for available missions in the Season’s Pass (if any) and try to complete such missions in your solo ranked match. It will spice things up and even challenge you to ‘up your game’. And hey, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to purchase the season pass to complete such missions.

Event Tasks/Challenges

Aside Season Pass missions, there sometimes you have events going on in-game with certain missions that you get rewarded for. Enhance the fun by completing such tasks while you rank up. It comes with additional benefits- since you get extra rewards while you’re on the primary goal of ranking up.


I once saw a video on Reddit, where a couple of guys chased after another player (enemy) for over 3 minutes, pretending to be Cops. Trust me, it was so much fun to watch- more like a Cop chase in GTA. If you can make stuff like this happen while playing the game, you’ll sure have a great. But hey, you will get easily killed if you’re joking around with players who are better than you though :laughing:

Just Play Your Game and Have Fun

It’s all just a game afterall (unless you’re a streamer or monetizing your gameplay in some way), play for fun- and don’t camp for so long. If you get killed and you don’t want that happening easily next time, learn from the mistake that got you killed and avoid it in your next match.

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