How to Upgrade Weapons in Tower of Fantasy

As with most games, you need to follow certain procedures to upgrade your gameplay weapons to enhances its effectiveness in battle/combat. The following brief instructions will guide you through the process of upgrading weapons in Tower of Fantasy.

When you visit the weapons enhancement page, there are two (2) different tabs:

  1. Upgrade Weapon
  2. Awaken Weapon

The materials shown in the screenshot below are some of the items used to enhance a weapon

In every 10 levels of a weapon, you will need to breakthrough that weapon in order to continue enhancing that specific weapon.

The materials as shown on the picture are used to breakthrough a weapon.

(Note: that the materials can change depending on the element of the weapon)

The second tab is where you awaken your weapon. (Max 6 stars)

Every Awaken attempt will give you a new passive that unlocks for that weapon. You can awaken any weapon with the materials highlighted in the following screenshot.

(These materials are obtainable if you achieve a duplicate of that same weapon/corresponding Mimic)

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