Most Powerful Weapons in COD Mobile Season 7

Almost all the updates that arrive each season has some weapons either buffed, nerfed, or both. In the present Season 7, below are some of the weapons which are still as effective as ever.

Best in Assault Rifles

1. AK-47

The AK-47 remains one of the top weapons in COD. is a fully automatic assault rifle in COD Mobile with the highest damage and the recoil of the AK-47 is high which makes it hard to hit an enemy target

2. AK117

AK117 has a very fast fire rate, which means you can quickly kill most enemies before they even ADS and fire their first 5 bullets.

Best in SMGs

1. MX9

The MX9 submachine gun is currently one of the best weapons for close range combat. It is a full-automatic SMG with balanced fire rate and moderate recoil.

2. QQ9

QQ9 is a fully automatic submachine gun with high damage, fast fire rate, good accuracy, and moderate recoil. The effective prime of QQ9 is close or medium range.

3. RUS-79u

RUS-79U is another submachine gun in COD Mobile that has very high damage, fast fire rate, and can be use for close, medium and long range combat.

4. Fennec

When Fennec got nerfed in the season after it’s release, many players dumped it. But don’t be mislead, Fennec has still got it. The fast fire rate and no recoil at short-medium range makes it really easy to take down enemies.

5. Razorback

The Razorback isn’t a very popular weapon, but it is actually good for close range combats. If you never tried it, now it’s the time to do that.

Best Sniper Rifles

1. Locus

Locus is the sniper rifle that stole the glory of Arctic 50, when it received a buff in Season 5. Since then, it became the go-to sniper for most CODM players. It has great mobile and faster ADS time, which would make it easy for a ‘one-shot-one-kill’.

2. Arctic 50

Arctic 50 is the classic go-to sniper rifle for veterans of Call of Duty Mobile. It’s stable and very powerful at almost any range. It deals devastating damage even to level 3 armor.

3. DL Q33

DL Q33 has great dynamics: good sprint speed, good ADS speed, and a huge hit box multiplier. You can get one-shot kills by hitting the belly (in MP mode). Overall, this sniper rifle is one of the best choices for going close range, and is extremely forgiving at longer ranges. You can only get DL Q33 in Battle Royale if you set it as a custom Airdop pick-up weapon.

Most used Marksman Rifle

1. MK2

MK2 is a very good close-medium range marksman rifle that has high damage, good accuracy and a decent fire rate. With the MK2, you can easily ‘one-shot’ eliminate the enemy when aiming the upper body.

Best LMGs in COD Mobile

1. Chopper

Chopper is an LMG that has high damage and very fast fire rate. It also has good accuracy and low recoil which makes it perfect for close, medium and long range combat.

2. M4LMG

M$LMG has the most accuracy in COD Mobile, with very low recoil and high ADS bullet spread. It’s best for medium-long range shots because of the poor movement speed.

3. Hades

Hades is a full-automatic Light Machine Gun that has the highest fire rate of all LMGs. It can be used for combat of any range, and works great for hip-firing with the proper attachment equipped.

Best Shotgun right now

1. Striker

Striker is a semi-automatic shotgun that has the highest ammo capacity of all the shotguns in-game, holding 12 shells in its cylinder. It deals wonderful damage at close range, and would serve as the perfect secondary weapon in BR matches. The only disadvantage of Striker is it’s long reload time.

2. HS0405

HS0405 is a Pump-action shotgun with high close-range damage with a low rate of fire. This shotgun should be the number one shotgun in COD Mobile because, you only need to get one clean shot to take enemies down.

3. KRM-262

Like HS0405, the KRM-262 is a ‘1-hit kill’ against enemies in close quarters (in MP mode, but would knock enemies in BR team match).

Feel free to share your thoughts and best weapons in COD Mobile. Do not forget to let us know why you think it’s the best :wink:

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