PUBG: New State; Gameplay video shows off what to expect

If you don’t already know, PUBG is on the verge of launching it’s new mobile Battle Royale game, PUBG: New State.

The game has so many futuristic features that makes it appear a little like Call of Duty: Mobile, but with the classic PUBG: Mobile feel. If you’ve been playing PUBG Mobile at least the last two years, you’d know what I mean. :sunglasses:

Here’s a gameplay video showing-off the map, overall features, weapon mechanics and… just a little bit of what to expect-

And by the way, you can pre-register to be notified once the game is launched on Google Playstore (Android). There’s also the option to auto-install the game once released. Link to playstore -

I don’t exactly know about iOS users yet, but I’ll update the thread once I have more info. :green_apple:


Gameplay looks real cool…
I actually stopped playing PUBG Mobile about a year ago, but I’d love to try New State :parachute:


Just saw a few screenshots from the game, by a Twitter user who joined the Alpha testing -

Also, a full gameplay video in 4k

PUBG: New State

Troi map measured 8x8