Secure your Call of Duty: Mobile account with 2FA Authentication

Lately there are so many reports of hacked/stolen Call of Duty Mobile accounts in many different gaming communities, and if you haven’t already, now’s the time to take an extra step to secure your account from these cheap hackers.

Two-factor authentication (2fa) is an extra level of security that helps keep your account secure, even if someone already has your complete login details to any online platform/app. Activating 2fa on CODM will require that anyone who attempts to login to your CODM account from any other device/location will have to enter a code generated from the 2fa app linked to the CODM account. With this enabled, no one else can access the account without your consent.

How to setup 2fa on Call of Duty: Mobile

  1. Visit and login using your CODM email/password

  2. If you’re logging in for the first time, it should prompt you to setup 2FA, click to proceed (Otherwise, click on your profile icon at the top-right then click ‘Privacy & Security’)

  3. Next, download Google Authenticator (if you don’t already have it on your device)

  4. Copy the code shown to you. Should look something like

  1. Click the plus :heavy_plus_sign: icon in Authenticator and select ‘Enter a setup key’
  • Enter anything you want in Account name field, e.g, CODM
  • Paste the copied key code
  • Click Add

If you’re doing this on your PC, no need to copy the key to your phone. Instead, select ‘Scan a QR code’ when you click the plus :heavy_plus_sign: icon in Authenticator

  1. Once you’ve completed step 5, you’d be requested to confirm the 2fa setup by inserting code generated from the Authenticator app in the field shown to you. And setup is complete.

  2. As a final step to secure your account, you’ll be asked to save backup codes to help you regain access to your CODM account in case you lost your Authenticator key or for some reason you’re unable to use the app to approve login. Save the backup codes in safe place- like your cloud storage. If possible, write them out on paper.

Some players have CODM accounts worth thousands of dollars: in customes, characters, legendary weapons, etc. it’s very important that you take this little extra step to secure your account if you value it. Even if you’ve not spent any dime on the game, you’ve spent so many hours playing the game and leveling up- that’s something to secure.


very useful guide! So many Redditors complaining to CODM devs about hacked/stolen accounts.