Some Reasons Why Your Game Crashes

There are many reasons why video games crash on smartphones or PC (usually ones with low-end configuration). Many gamers experience this game crash while playing a game, or immediately the game is launched. Whichever is the case on your gaming device, the best way to get started fixing the problem is to first identify the cause.

Here are some reasons why your game crashes

1. Game not downloaded from the official source

Downloading games from third-party sources (other than the official source) is one of the major reasons why your game crashes immediately you launch it, or while gaming. Some of these unofficial sources may have modified the game files to either introduce new features or mess with exisiting ones, and these mods are not officially allowed in any game. Most online games will crosscheck the game files on their server and if something doesn’t match, it force closes.

2. Corrupted Game files or incomplete download

Always ensure to download updated version of any game you wish to play. Some old game copies may contain bugs; malware or virus infection which may have come from any of many different sources. Whenever you update your game, you enjoy the benefits of a better improved gaming performance.

3. Game minimum requirements higher than your device specifications

Before downloading any game, ensure that your device meets (at least) the minimum requirements. Once you have this information, you will save yourself the stress and frustration of having to download incompatible games and finding out very much later that your device cannot run it.

4. Too many running apps (background apps)

When you have too many apps running in the background (depending on how much RAM your device has) there will be little RAM available to fully run your game. Consider closing some of those apps not-in-use so as to free enough space in the RAM.

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