Sony: More interesting features coming to PS5 soon

The latest PlayStation 5 update has unlocked an additional SSD slot. But in the future, players can look forward to a number of new features.

In a brief interview about the PlayStation 5, Hideaki Nishino, Sony’s VP of Planning and Platform Management, confirmed that new features for the PlayStation 5 are already in development. The company learned a lesson after the PS4 came out:

“We’ve learned a lot from the PS4 and are still exploring how players use the system and how games react to it. We know what is most acceptable and most popular; what functions are not used. So before the PS5 launched, we had a huge list of things we wanted to do. In fact, we dreamed of doing them all.”

Sony has prepared a huge list of options for the PlayStation 5, and the corporation wants to systematically bring new opportunities to players. Nishino mentions a list of “interesting, exciting, fantastic ideas.”

“There are also many [features] that the community is asking for. I want to say in Japanese that I am working hard on these features and there will be more in the future. "