Two new weapons coming to Call of Duty Mobile

It seems as though Call Of Duty Mobile will be bringing two more weapons to the game in the coming update, as teased in a recent tweet!

The image shared below (showing the weapons) was posted to the official Twitter handle of COD Mobile. From the looks of it, seems like the two weapons are being introduced to CODM from Black Ops series.


Can you name these two weapons? Let’s see what you got :relieved:

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On the left should be Hades, and Crossbow on the right :thinking:


@noob Correct :white_check_mark:

There’s even more coming in the Season 7 update:


  1. Hades - LMG
  2. Crossbow - Secondary Weapon

Operator Skill

  1. Dynamic Armor


  1. Shield Grenade


  1. Reaper - Ashura (Legendary Skin)

And more!

You can see the details mentioned above, in-use in this YouTube video :arrow_heading_down:

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