Undead Seige: How to survive in CODM's new Zombie mode

Back in 2019 when Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) launched, Zombie mode was so much fun and I sure enjoyed playing it whenever my squad was offline. But like they do most good features of the game :neutral_face:, Zombie Mode was dropped months later.

Well, after playing the new Zombie Mode, Undead Siege - Hard (launched August 1) for many hours now, I think it’s safe to say it’s insanely difficult to win a match in that level. If you manage to get past the 5th night, you’re sure going down on the 6th night​:sweat_smile:… uhm, there’s actually no 6th night- match ends after day 5 :nerd_face:

But, regardless how difficult the Hard level is, you can always get the win you desire. Here’s a few tips I’d recommend to give a headstart:

  • Get a good team, or at least one that plays with mic :studio_microphone: on, so you can communicate

  • Save some Aether Essence to buy Juggernaut operator skill. Having about two on your team gives you better advantage.

  • Don’t forget to repair the Control Center when it’s under attack. While two teammates repair the control center, the other two should focus on keeping zombies off Center
  • Share items/supplies with your team by keeping some in the Warehouse. That way you’re not only helping the team, but have extra space in your backpack for other useful items
  • Don’t fight in a fixed spot. Try moving around within the circle while firing to avoid getting knocked
  • Since you can’t afford Juggernaut operator skill at the start of the match, purchase/mount at least one Sentry Turret
  • Always go for the Airdrop. You get more useful items to help you fight off zombies, upgrade your Sentry Turret, and supply to the Control Center

Undead Seige - Casual is pretty easy, in comparison to Hard. In essence, applying these tips in that mode makes it super easy to ace.

Don’t forget to share your survival techniques with the community! 🪴


Undead Siege - Hard is something else :laughing: …you see players complaining in almost all gaming communities about how difficult it is to pass day 5. Well, that emphasizes “Hard”.

Also, from day 3 my game starts to lag real bad :sleepy: you think it’s too many zombies?!

I strongly believe that’s the reason, and it’s not just you.

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After playing the Undead Seige - Hard for a few days now, I’ve come to another conclusion that it’s not exactly as difficult as it seems (but not entirely easy). You just need good teamwork, and ensure to upgrade/repair turrets when it’s time.


yeah, true. also, as you level up it gets easier, since your gear is ‘buffed up’.

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