Why Diablo II: Resurrected keeps dropping connections

Blizzard has responded to criticism from players about their Diablo II: Resurrected service, saying that connection problems are a result of outdated code. Representatives say that the Diablo II: Resurrected is run on a version of the game’s code from 2000, and is not equipped to handle modern internet connections.

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Some of the problems are related to the influx of players, which turned out to be even higher than at release. The issue became complicated after the release of a patch on October 14th. The patch led to an overload of the database and the occurrence of problems like players losing their progress, being unable to access the game, or deleting their characters. Blizzard rolled back the applied patch but soon another wave of players broke through the database again. The problem reached such a scale that the company had to relocate engineers from other departments to help developers.

The company stated separately that most of the difficulties stem from wanting to provide an original experience for players: at the heart of the same netcode as in the game twenty years ago, and not designed for current player numbers. Blizzard has promised to continue working the issues and do their best to release patches with fixes as soon as possible, but there is no specific timeline for when they will be released.